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Calgary Rentals

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When purchasing a rental property, many property investors are unaware there are three different types of units; Legal Suites, Illegal Suites, Legal Non-Conforming. •    Legal Suites – These suites comply with current land use bylaws and proper zoning •    Illegal Suites – These suites do not meet current or past building codes and or land bylaw...Read More

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Long Weekend Events

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  Happy Friday Calgary. Many fun events going on in and around calgary this weekend. Take advantage of the last long weekend of summer!   ...Read More

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Calgary's Top Communities

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Where did your neighbourhood rank? ...Read More

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Calgary's Real Estate Market Update

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How have recent economic conditions influenced the real estate market in Calgary?  2017 has seen a slow recovery, the numbers we have seen in the first two quarters indicate a positive outlook for the remainder of the year. With a 12.63% Y/Y rise in total sales and average price increasing 3.74% YTD, we believe these are indicators of economic recovery and increase confidence within consumers...Read More

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SOLD for 100% asking

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  With multiple offers after just days on the market, we just sold our clients home for 100% of the asking price!    ...Read More

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Add Value To Your Home- Kitchen Edition

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 One of the top ways to maximize your home's value is by starting in the kitchen. To help your home stand out among competition consider these 5 kitchen updates to increase your home's value and appearance before listing.   Small cost effective changes that can give your kitchen a modern look.        -Change out those dated faucets – Updati...Read More

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Curb Appeal

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  Thinking about selling your home? First impressions are important. The facade is the first thing buyers see so here are five easy was to improve curb appeal!   #1- Update outdoor lighting- When updating lighting consider the function and design. You want your new lights to illuminate walkways and accent your home. Adding new lighting can help add a modern feel to your home’s e...Read More