Eliminate the Mystery and Suspense of Buying Your First Home

Once you’ve received approval for your mortgage, you are faced with one of the biggest decisions of your life: where to invest your money. Because that’s what buying a house is, after all – it’s the largest investment you will likely ever make. So it’s natural if you are feeling worried or if you unsure of what the next step is. That’s where I come in.
“As a first time home buyers, we were unsure of the process and frankly all over the map when it came to looking for our first place. Dusko provided us with all the necessary information throughout the process backed with his professional opinion to help guide us in the right direction.” – P.P


A Dedicated Buyer Representative Gives You ConfidenceYour Interests are Met

Many people are unaware of the fact that agents typically represent the seller. When you’re looking to buy a home, you need to make sure that you are working directly with a buyer representative who has your best interests in mind. I guarantee that you will receive the best representation possible when it comes to looking for your new home.


Save Yourself Time & Effort to Find a Home That Fits Your Lifestyle and Budget

Browsing listings online can be a never-ending chore. There are so many things to consider, and it can be difficult to filter out the homes that don’t meet your criteria. I help you to identify your needs and wants when it comes to finding the perfect home. This is such an important part of the process as it allows me to show you homes that are within your budget and that suit your needs.Let me do the hard work for you and select only the options that are tailored to your budget and design preferences.


How Can You Narrow Your Preferences To Include Only The Homes That Are Ideal For You?

1. Separate the “must-haves” from the “want-to-haves” 
You might need a laundry room for the ever-growing pile of laundry, but is the in-home theatre really a must? By carefully selecting the features that you feel you can’t live without, you’ll be able to narrow down the options considerably.
2. Determine the general area you want to live
This doesn’t have to be too specific, but ask yourself questions like “How far do I want to commute to work?”, “Are there any communities I definitely do not want to live in?”, “Do I want a brand-new community or an older, more established one?” and “What kind of amenities do I want to have close by? Schools, grocery stores, recreational facilities, day care, transportation, etc.?”
3. Style
Think about the amount of space you need, whether or not you need/are okay with stairs, if you want a newer home or one that requires renovations. It’s also important to think about resale value, whether you intend to stay there for many years or not.


Unfamiliar With Calgary neighbourhoods? Let Me Find One That Suits Your Lifestyle Preferences

Whether you’re new to Calgary or just haven’t had the time to explore the many different neighbourhoods in our wonderful city, I can help you find an area that meets all of your specifications. From trendy and stylish to contemporary and family-oriented, there is something for everyone. I can be your personal tour guide and help you find the perfect location for you and your family.


Invest Smart with Expert Advice – Avoid Buying a Money Pit

Even when you find what seems like the dream home, with the perfect yard and the ideal kitchen, there can be underlying problems that will cost you down the road. With thorough inspections and detailed reports I can assure you that any home you buy will be in impeccable condition, with no costly repairs or replacements that are necessary for the home to be liveable.
For specific areas to look out for, check out my article about 6 Warning Signs That Could Mean Extensive Repairs: http://www.dsrealestate.ca/buyers/default-articles/avoid-money-pit/


Accurate Assessments Ensure You Only Ever Pay What theHome Is Worth

Let’s face it – too many people are asking for way too much for their homes. It’s understandable, considering many homeowners have poured their hearts into maintaining and improving their home. But often, the upgrades that some people choose to make ultimately do not add any value. For example, many property owners will insist on a high asking price for homes with an in-ground swimming pools or extensive landscaping, though these are features that do very little to add any real value. With my expert knowledge of property value, you can be sure that you never pay a penny more than you should.


I Will Help You Make an Educated, Market-Friendly Offer on Your Ideal Home 

Once we find a home that suits your lifestyle, I will work with you to determine a fair offer that works for you and that won’t turn the sellers away. Making an offer on the perfect home can be an intimidating process that often causes angst among first-time homebuyers. I’ll make sure the process goes smoothly, ensuring the sellers pay attention to your bid without offering more than what it’s worth.


Find a Profitable Income Property with Minimal Maintenance or Renovation Requirements

If you are looking to buy an income property, you need to seek the advice of an experienced realtor. If you’re not careful, you can end up buying a home that will continually drain your wallet. When it comes to rental suites, location is one of the most important factors to consider. I will help you identify an area of Calgary that is proven to be profitable and appealing to renters. Furthermore, if you are looking for a property that requires renovations to become a rental property, I will make sure you secure a property that is easily converted to maximize profitability.