Ensure Your Home Is Viewed By More Qualified Buyers to Sell Faster with Higher Offers

By selecting a real estate agent who has industry connections and a powerful outreach, you expose your home to more people who are not just looking to buy, but are looking to buy a home in your price range, neighbourhood and/or home design. There’s no point in showing your home to people who have no intention or desire to buy a property like yours. I won’t waste anyone’s time showing properties that don’t meet their specifications – ensuring you only attract qualified, interested buyers.

Far-Reaching Exposure – Your Listing Is Seen By Up To 20,000 People Every Week!

As we all know, the way information is accessed today is completely different than it was 10 years ago. Fewer people are turning to real estate magazines to find their new home, while increasingly more people are turning to the Internet. Through my online presence on multiple platforms, including social media and weekly emails to interested buyers, your home has a higher chance of selling.

How do I market your home?
- Targeted online marketing
- High quality feature sheets
- Targeted direct mail
- Open houses

My marketing campaigns set your property apart from others that may have similar features. It’s not just about the platforms your home is displayed on, it’s also about the way your home is presented. I know just how to pitch your home for the highest chance of selling quickly and for your asking price. 


Maintain a Professional Image with My Presence and Accessibility

When you’re selling a home, it’s important to maintain a balance of professionalism and steadiness with cordiality. While you want to demonstrate your determination to get what you’re asking for, you also want to ensure that people are not put off by your inflexibility. Part of this balance comes from making sure that you are able to respond to interested buyers quickly and personally, which is exactly what I can do for you. I understand that this is already a busy enough time for you and fast responses are not always possible. By selecting DS Real Estate to handle the selling of your property, you’re ensuring you have professional and reliable representation combined with constantand open communication.


Expert Value Assessment for a Competitive Market Allows You to Sell Faster and For a Higher Price

Often, the length of time it takes to sell a home depends entirely on the listing price. With my extensive Comparable Market Analysis (CMA), I will help you choose a competitive price that will attract buyers without undercutting your initial investment. Combining this with my value-raising techniques, your home will sell faster while upholding a profit.


Honest, Reliable Consultation with No Obligation to List

By taking into account many different variables, including the location, size of lot, upgrades and anything that may be lacking, I am able to deliver a precise analysis using objective data. Once I have completed my detailed Comparable Market Analysis report, I will sit down with you to discuss your options. If it doesn’t make financial sense to sell your home at the time, I will honestly recommend you wait until the market improves, or make some upgrades that will ensure you get the most out of your property. I’m here to help you.


My Selling Techniques Are Guaranteed to Attract and Entice Buyers – Without Costing You Money

Presentation is everything. Prior to listing your home, I will personally evaluate your home to determine where you can add value and better stage your home without incurring any costs. Not everyone has the same style, so the importance of properly staging your home with neutral colours and styles cannot be understated. I will go through each room to see how it can be presented better to appeal to more people.


Captivating, Professional Images to Enhance Your Home’s Listing – Online and On Our Feature Sheets

I work with a highly experienced real estate photographer who captures the unique essence of your home, allowing your home to stand out from the many other listings that potential buyers may stumble upon. By using professional and inventive photography, your home’s beauty and size is accurately represented, enticing buyers before they ever even enter your home.


Save Yourself the Stress, Time & Money Associated With “For Sale by Owner”

Between advertising plans, open houses and contract contingencies, selling a home by yourself is a timely and often costly process, and often one that doesn’t result in a profitable sale. I take the stress out of selling your home with my extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and my unique marketing initiatives. I will help you understand the fine print on contracts and explain to you in plain English all the details of the closing process. Plus, I take care of all the paperwork.
Unrepresented Sellers – What You Need To Know


The Average Home Sold For $440,650 in 2016. What Will Yours Go For?

Complete my online home evaluation form for a basic starting point.


Find Success Selling Your Home in Any Market with Careful Planning and Attention to Detail

Even in Calgary’s unreliable market, hundreds of homes are still bought and sold every week. The difference between homes that sell and homes that stay on the market for months on end is the real estate agent. With my thoughtful attention to detail and unwavering dedication, you can be sure that your home will sell faster and for more profit, regardless of the market conditions.


A Skilled Real Estate Agent Will Help You Navigate the Real Estate Market with Ease in Tough Economic Times

With homeowners trying to squeeze every penny out of their homes, many people are turning to the dangerous option of selling their home without the expertise of a licensed real estate agent. However, this is not a good way to save money. Hiring a skilled realtor with access to a large data base of qualified buyers is the best way to maximize your selling price.


Receive More Visibility and Exposure to the Market

When we start working together, you’ll share my exclusive access to a wide range of homes and homebuyers. If you’re selling, your listing will be sent out to all qualified buyers in my database. If you’re buying, you’ll receive updates on properties in your desired neighbourhood and with your desired style preference – and of course, always within your budget.